How to Integrate Rapnet Diamond instant Inventory feed with Shopify




Update:  For more information on creating a Shopify diamond jewellery website with diamond supplier API  (Natural and Lab)   integration visit here

Shopify is a popular hosted eCommerce cart. Integrating Rapnet diamond feed with Shopify is possible but a bit tricky as hosted platforms don’t offer flexibility as open-source self-hosted eCommerce carts like  Woocommerce and Magento.

Rapnet has two services DLS and webservices (Rapnet Instant Inventory Web Services). However, it's not possible to use DLS wherein diamond data is downloaded in csv format and re-entered in the database. Instead, Rapnet’s web services can be used wherein a limited number of diamond data can be pulled from Rapnet through  Restful API call with data in JSON format.

it's a three-step process:

1. Create a webservice on a third party server which will pull data from Rapnet.
2. Register a Private App on Shopify which will talk to your third party web service to pull and push data in required format in Shopify.
3. Custom pages on Shopify (for Diamond search etc.) are to be made in Shopify’s templating language Liquid.

Please visit a live Demo of integrating Rapnet Diamond feed with Shopify with "Build a Ring feature".

Why plug and Play Rapnet App widgets available on Shopify App Store are no good?

  • They Cannot be customised as per your design requirements
  • User cannot directly buy from your website.
  • User can find the source of the diamond supplier directly
  • Monthly Subscription cost
  • No SEO benefit due to Iframe widget embedded in the page
  • Diamond data search filter customization not possible.
  • No additional feature can be added eg. Share a hint or add to wishlist


Below is the detailed architecture of how it will function :

Diamond listing page :

We have fetched the diamonds by using the API calls to Rapnet Diamond Inventory Services. The call has assorted search criteria which includes price, carat, shape, color, clarity...etc so that it will be easy to pull only required filtered diamonds.



Diamond detail page :

When Api call is made to Rapnet it pulls all the diamond details including certificate details, Lab, symmetry, table, Depth.. etc.

These are displayed in Shopify custom made diamond detail page.



Setting listing page :

The setting listing page needs to be custom-built, to display different types of metals with filters..

The ring setting images change on mouseover of the different metal icons.



Ring detail page :

1. Metal change option.
2. Price change as per the metal.
3. Add to cart.



Costing: The costing for loose diamond integration with a search engine will start from $1350 onwards. It all depends on your exact requirements.


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