Integrating IDEX diamond data feeds in Diamond e-commerce website

Integrating IDEX Online Diamonds

Specialists in Integrating IDEXOnline (International Diamond Exchange) XML format diamond data in Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Woocommerce & Prestashop with automated updations

IDEX (International Diamond Exchange) is a leading B2B online Diamond and jewellery Exchange for Buying / selling diamonds and jewellery. It also has NEWS section and a vibrant community for interacting with international Diamond and jewelry trading fraternity To all trading members of IDEX; a database of tradable diamonds is available for CSV download. The CSV contains complete list of Diamond attributes including carat, Cut, clarity, Diamond Certification ( GIA, EGL ,HRD), pricing ,polish symmetry, grading, supplier contact details etc.

Integrating IDEX diamond feed in B2B or B2C Diamond and jewelry ecommerce website

TransPacific Software extensively specializes in integrating CSV feeds provided by IDEX in your Diamond or Jewelry e-commerce site with complete automation in feed updating.

Integrating IDEX feeds how the process works

We have developed a framework and php code which we customise as per your needs and get it deployed on your website for Diamond listing and trading

This is how the process works

  • XML file containing IDEX Diamond data is auto pulled on a pre-determined location on the server
  • The php script parses the XML file
  • Once parsed the data is inserted into database of web services
  • The web service is further responsible for feeding diamond data to your E-commerce site built on Magento, OpenCart , Shopify ,Woocommerce or similar.
  • During Data insert ; mark up is added either on flat percentage or with any other formulae as required
  • The data can be further displayed on front end in grids with search filters
  • During next update, only unavailable data on IDEX is removed from your website and new data is inserted
  • Data with the change in pricing etc is updated.

IDEX Diamonds Integrated eCommerce websites