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Rapnet Module integration with your e-commerce shop.

TransPacific Software has worked with diamond traders worldwide to integrate Diamond Listing into their e-commerce websites. The seamless integration is achieved with most of the popular e-commerce platforms including Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop , Woocommerce ,Joomla  and hosted platforms like Shopify

How Rapnet diamond Listing is Integrated with your e-commerce website ?

Rapnet Diamond trading Network

Rapnet Diamond trading Network is a popular B2B diamond network. The Rapaport or Rapnet Price List is the source of diamond pricing information, used extensively throughout the diamond trade for evaluating diamond prices. Primarily Rapnet offers two options for listing: Diamond Listing services(DLS) and Rapnet Diamonds inventory Link.

Diamond Listing services(DLS)

By subscribing to RapNet, you will receive Rapnet login to download the Rapnet price list The Rapaport Price List shows diamond prices for most of the shapes including round, pear, Asscher, emerald, radiant, pear marquise, oval, cushion shapes with attributes like cartage, color, clarity, price, GIA certificate and cuts. The price list also consists of dealer name, discount offered ,size and dimensions.


Rapnet integration process consists of:

  • Automatic download of the Rapnet Data in CSV format from Rapnet servers. The file gets pulled in csv format at a pre-set time and intervals through cron jobs.The data is then auto inserted into your ecommerce shopping carts.
  • During data insertion TransPacific Software's advanced algorithms scans it for any impurities such as bad data, wrong cert numbers, missing data, etc. Our experience is as high as 20% of data is inaccurately inserted in Rapnet files and has to be cleaned up.
  • The bad quality data records are removed and quarantined for manual checking. Rest of the data is inserted in your ecommerce cart.
  • TransPacific's automated script allows mark ups added as per the different shapes or sizes. It also changes markups as per the country & currency. The entire development is customized as per requirements.
  • Further we have built agile search interfaces with multiple filters working through AJAX calls.
  • In search results there can be further customization as per requirement for example recommended Diamonds or most discounted diamonds.

Rapnet Inventory link integration

For e-commerce site owners who don't want to have their own database; TransPacific customize data to be pulled directly from Rapnet servers through its inventory Link feature along with widgets for search functionality. However DLS services are much recommended over Rapnet Inventory Link due to customization it offers.

Rapnet Inventory link integration

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