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Integrating Prestashop with Rapnet Diamond (Raplink)

Recently one of our European clients came up with a requirement of developing an enterprise wide jewelry e-store with Rapnet diamond data integration. The client wanted development on Prestashop. Prestashop is an open Source popular e-commerce framework similar to Magento and Opencart.

The Catch: Prestashop integration with Inventory Link( Raplink)

However the catch was : client had Raplink services with Rapaport (instead of DLS service)

More info about Raplink and DLS click.

Raplink essentially connects to Rapnet server in real time through SOAP calls to pull diamond data. Unlike DLS services no data is maintained on client server.

To integrate Prestashop with Raplink We had to out of box retrofitting.

Here are the highlights

SOAP calls through web-services

1. Diamond data is fetch from Rapnet servers through SOAP call i.e getDiamonds.

2. To pull data we have created controller with Rapnet login details which makes SOAP calls with required criterion including shape, carat, cut etc.

Data saved in database only when required

3. Fetched data is not stored in database. It is directly displayed on diamond listing page.

4. When user clicks on “view diamond” another soap call is sent with diamond ID i.e “getDiamond”. To get diamond attributes including carat wt., cut, clarity, color, fluorescence , cost(with added mark-up), origin etc.

5. Response from Rapnet is displayed on diamond detail page without saving in data in database.

6. When user clicks on buy diamond or add to wish list; only at that instance diamond details as saved in database as data will be required persistently.

7 “Saving the diamond data only when required” rule is adhered to while designing build-a-ring feature. Only when diamond and ring are finally selected by user for purchase data is persistently saved in database.

Demo of Prestashop + Rapnet diamond integration with inventory link is available

Questions contact: [email protected]

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Integrating Prestashop with Rapnet Diamond (Raplink)
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