Jewelry Websites SEO: Advanced Techniques

Jewelry website SEO advance techniques

Here are the top advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques every Jewelry website webmaster should implement.

Although the above techniques work with all the websites in general; we will be specific with how best they can be deployed with a diamond and jewelry website redeveloped on any platform including Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress Wix, Opencart, Shopify and PrestaShop structured data mapping


Most of webmasters are aware of markup and how they benefit SEO and improve CTR. But in our experience, the problem is implementation. Typically, ready-made plug-ins are deployed to push schema markup within the HTML page. This has only limited benefits.

Webmasters should custom implement following structured data Markups

Schema markup created for Jewelry websites. This markup has certain specialized fields for Jewelry stores.

Return Policy forms a critical component of any jewelry store for which a separate schema is available

For jewelry product we would suggest implanting the following Product Schema Markup

Although Google is currently accepting only limited schema markup name spaces . We have experienced excellent SEO results if we follow above schemas

Implementing these schema markups is not easy. You require an expert development team for the same.

Video and Image Site Maps

solid sitemap

Jewelry websites are Visually intensive. A jewelry website needs to have great product videos and product images. At the same time, the visual component of the website needs to be an integral part of the webmaster's SEO strategy.

Most webmasters stop after adding a good alt attribute (title). However, they need to go further by creating a video site map and an Image Site Map. The most critical tags in the video site map are the Title and Description of the videos.

More Information on Video site maps is available here

If your website is on Magento or WooCommerce WordPress, I would suggest you to generate video site map through extensions available for Magneto and WooCommerce

Similarly, an image site map should be generated regularly and submitted to the Google webmaster console

As per our experience, video, and image site maps bring in at least 20% of good traffic for a jewelry website

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant

It's an easy way to push your product information to Google. Regularly feeding the product information in Google Shopping will increase traffic to your website. It has a free tier and a paid tier. Although I found free tier has only limited benefits in traffic improvement. Nevertheless, it's worth a try.

Ready extensions are available for woo commerce Magento and Shopify. Or custom coding can also be done.

August 2022 helpful content update

This is about what not to do while creating the content. (text material)

In Aug 2022 Google rolled out its Helpful content Update which is about People First content creation. TransPacific Software found many Jewelry websites that took a hit due to this. Most of these websites had "search engine first content".

Many of the articles were written by 3rd Party SEO agencies which were rehashed repeats, Plagiarized, and spin-off articles from other competitor websites or informative websites like Wikipedia, GIA, etc.


Some examples are, articles on Diamond quality explaining various diamond attributes like Fluorescence, cut, color, etc, or rehashed articles on diamond shapes and color. These articles are so common on the web that they hardly have any SEO benefit.

Instead, I would strongly suggest writing articles on your first-hand experience and unique knowledge of the industry, your specialty eg. Antique jewelry, or your advisory to jewelry buyers, etc. or you may target a particular geographic region to write on jewelry fashion trends. A regularly updated blog on the website written by your experienced staff (and not by a third-party SEO agency) is highly recommended.

With Google's latest helpful content update, Google is looking for unique and informative content which is benefiting the buyer. Secondly, don't use algorithmically/ programmatically generated Product descriptions. Google will identify the text generation pattern and may penalize your website. Further, avoid text generation from AI-based waiting tools like or ;

Rather take the old-school path of writing your content.

Core Web Vitals Assessment

Core Web

Highly technical requirement regarding your website's speed and page rendering efficiency. Run your website through Google Page Speed to get critical web vitals including LCP , TTFB , CLS, and FCP. Improving these have a massive positive impact on your ranking. However, these are highly technical and complex requirements. The webmaster should work with your development team to improve these.

For jewelry websites that are heavy on graphics, visuals, and JavaScript, improving these are a challenge.



Making your website usable for disabled individuals.

This may even include senior citizens, partially visually impaired, temporarily disabled individuals, and so on. Making the jewelry website accessible and ADA-compliant not only helps disabled individuals but also provides positive signals to Google. I believe accessibility-compliant websites do improve SEO rankings, although Google has not yet officially made it a ranking signal.

There are quality Accessibility Plugins available for Magento, Woocommerce Prestashop, and Shopify. Try there. However, implementing these plugins may interfere with your website's CSS and distort it. Take the help of your development team to make the website ADA compliant.

We will continue adding more tips here as we discover

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