Diamond trading website

The TransPacific Software team works closely with Diamond traders to create their B2B trading websites. Both natural diamond wholesalers and Lab diamond manufacturers require a account login -based ecommerce website for trading diamonds within their cohort.

These exclusive B2B platforms list diamonds which can be traded/purchased by only approved members.

B2B diamond trading platforms can help businesses expand their reach by providing access to a global marketplace. Diamond dealers from different countries can connect and trade diamonds.

TransPacific Software also makes RESTful and GraphQL APIs, so that a diamond manufacturer can offer its diamond feeds through an API to a retailer, who can add the markup and then sell the diamonds on its website. Exactly similar to Rapnet or Nivoda but for a group or community of diamond traders with customised features.

The features of B2B diamond trading websites.
  1. A fast diamond search engine that lets a user search for a diamond based on multiple criteria, such as Shape, Carat, Price, Cut, etc.
  2. The ability to add diamond photographs, video, and diamond measurement with a direct link to Lab hosted certification.
  3. Subscribers can purchase a diamond online or send an enquiry.
  4. Ability to hold the diamond on Memo
  5. Ability to return the diamond to stock in case of Returns
  6. Automatic reminder if the diamond on memo exceeds its stipulated time
  7. Member management with member subscriber classification under different categories like prime , Gold members etc

B2B subscription Management features

  • A registration process where a B2B diamond retailer can be asked for trade-related information and references on the registration form.
  • Site admin can approve or disapprove the membership request or ask for the additional info
  • On Approval the subscriber can trade diamond .
  • Can add the diamond on memo for 7-15-30 days and further can be returned or sold

Subscriber management for the B2B site admin

  • Hide products and categories based on user roles.eg. certain user can have access to only diamond module and others only Ready to wear jewellery
  • Hide prices and add to cart button
  • Hide for guest users, specific user roles, or specific products & categories
  • Set tiered pricing based on membership type which can be allotted by the website admin for example, certain users will see most discounted prices and others regular wholesale prices
  • Multi-currency
  • Add customer-specific pricing
  • Display prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes based on user roles.
  • Restrict shipping methods by user roles
  • Restrict payment methods by user roles
  • Restrict order amount and quantity based on user roles and customers
  • Multi-lingual

Creating APIs for retailer consumption

TransPacific Software also create Restful or GraphQL API for retailer consumption. That means a diamond manufacturer to wholesaler can supply the diamond API feed to a retailer or for their websites


B2B Diamond Trading websites

BYL diamonds B2B

BYL Diamonds B2B

BYL diamonds B2B, South Africa
Platform: Woocommerce

emotion diamonds online b2b

Emotion Diamonds Online B2B

emotion diamondsonline b2b, Italy
Platform: Woocommerce

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