Lab Diamond integration within your Jewelry website

Integrating Lab-Grown Diamond API

Gone are the days when lab-grown diamonds ( Lab Diamonds) were a niche request.

In just two years, demand has skyrocketed, and TransPacific Software is at the forefront. We've seamlessly integrated lab diamond APIs from over 25 leading manufacturers into jewellery websites across Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and OpenCart. The results? Astounding! These Ecommerce websites maintain, a whopping 60% of sales in lab-grown diamonds.

Sustainability and ethics drive this trend. Lab-grown diamonds offer an identical, yet conflict-free alternative, and TransPacific Software empowers jewelers to capitalize on this shift. Join us and explore integrating lab-grown diamonds into your website – it's a brilliant move for your business and the planet.

Lab Grown Diamonds Market

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What is Lab-Grown Diamond API?

Lab-Grown Diamond API (Application Programming Interface) is a tool build by a Lab diamond supplier that enables integration of a lab-grown diamond inventory directly into a website or e-commerce platform. It allows jewelers to access real-time information about lab-grown diamond from supplier, including availability, specifications, pricing, and images. By leveraging this API, jewelers can expand their product offerings, enhance customer experience, and tap into the growing demand for sustainable diamonds.

Things you can do with Lab Grown Diamond API

  • Integrate loose Lab diamonds in your existing website
  • Offer Lab diamonds as a additional Option for ring builder
  • Lab diamonds can be add on with Natural diamonds for Pendant and earring builder
  • Can offer Lab facy colour diamonds
  • Integrate Lab diamonds directly from suppliers within your B2B website
  • Create your Lab diamonds only drop ship type website by tie up with Lab diamond suppliers

What Can we do to integrate Lab diamonds within your website

  1. Talk to TransPacific Software via email
  2. TPS will put you in touch with a few reliable Lab diamond suppliers. Alternatively, you could recommend your own supplier
  3. Once you finalise your account with the supplier, TPS will take over on technical side and do the integration
  4. Based on your ecommerce platform (Shopify , Magento , Woocommerce)..and number of supplier integrations and features required, the cost will be from $1200 (which will be one time cost)

Benefits of Integrating Lab-Grown Diamond API:

Diverse Product Range:

Integrating the Lab-Grown Diamond API enables jewelers to showcase an extensive range of lab-grown diamond options. From various shapes, sizes, and colors to different grades and certifications, the API provides access to a vast inventory, allowing customers to find the perfect lab-grown diamond that aligns with their preferences and budget.

Real-Time Inventory and Pricing:

With the Lab-Grown Diamond API, jewelers can provide up-to-date information on diamond availability and pricing. This ensures that customers have accurate and current details, minimizing any discrepancies or disappointments that may arise due to outdated inventory information.

Its also a lower cost alternative for Natural diamonds which are almost 30% more expensive

Enhanced Search and Filtering:

The integration of Lab-Grown Diamond API enables advanced search and filtering capabilities, empowering customers to refine their search based on specific diamond characteristics. Whether it's carat weight, color, clarity, or cut, customers can easily find their desired lab-grown diamond, enhancing their shopping experience and driving conversion rates.

Technical Considerations

3.1 API Integration:

Working with a trusted lab-grown diamond provider or API provider is crucial for successful integration. Developers can leverage the API documentation provided by the provider to integrate the API endpoints, authenticate requests, and retrieve the desired diamond data. Few Lab diamond manufacturers have real time Restful based API and others have daily data dump in csv from

TransPacific Software has the solutions in both the environment

3.2 User Interface and Design:

Ensure that the integrated lab-grown diamond inventory seamlessly blends with your website's design and user interface. The displayed information should be clear, organized, and visually appealing, enabling customers to make informed decisions. TransPacific Software creates high fidality Figma or Adobe XD mock-ups to match with the original theme of the website


Integrating Lab-Grown Diamond API into your website presents an exciting opportunity to expand your product offerings, cater to the growing demand for sustainable options, and enhance the overall customer experience. By leveraging real-time inventory, pricing, and advanced search capabilities, you can empower your customers to explore a dazzling range of lab-grown diamonds with confidence. Embrace the future of sustainable luxury and unlock a world of brilliance for your customers through API integration.

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