Integrating custom diamonds or Diamond supplier  API to your Jewelry website

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TransPacific Software gets regular requests from diamond traders and retailers to integrate custom diamond data or supplier Diamond API feed into their websites. Both Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds can be integrated.

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Here is a low down on how we do it.

Instead of pulling API from Rapnet or other P2P diamond exchanges, many diamond retailers with eCommerce stores would prefer to directly integrate the diamond stock feed from their suppliers. 

TransPacific Software is working with almost all the Lab and natural diamond suppliers across the globe; for a comprehensive list of suppliers, please click here

Integration is done through Transpacific's "custom diamond integration plugin"Here is a detailed video walkthrough:

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However, integrating  supplier/in-house/custom diamond feed has a few restrictions:

1) Diamond data format:

The diamond data dump which will be received from suppliers; needs to be in CSV, excel or XML format. Further, this data format needs to be maintained by the supplier. For example: if the supplier swaps the price and carat column in the spreadsheet; the diamond insertion script will error out.

2) Rapnet instant inventory:

Custom diamond data insertion cannot be combined with Rapnet Instant inventory services. So the choice is between custom diamond feeds or Rapnet Instant Inventory feed. However, the custom diamond feed can be integrated with the IDEX Diamond data dump.

3) Video and Media

Many suppliers will provide a link to a diamond video which can be pulled from the supplier’s server. However, there is little control over these video feeds as they are on third-party servers.

4) Markups

TransPacific Software's custom diamond insertion module also has a built-in markup feature wherein markup can be applied as per the carat weight or blanket overall percentage..

5) Multiple suppliers:

Diamond feeds from Multiple suppliers can be integrated.

6) Automation

Custom diamond insertion modules can be made to work AUTO without any manual intervention through a cron job.The cron which consists of an automated script updates the data daily. 

7) Log :

A detailed log will be created on how many diamonds get inserted /updated and deleted.

The cost of integrating such a module will start from $1800 onwards depending on the complexity of the project.

TransPacific Software has worked with the following Diamond Suppliers providing API diamond Feed

Natural Diamonds Lab Grown Diamonds
Brichelle Diamonds Grown Diamonds Corp
Dharma Diamonds Eco Grown Diamonds
Sheetal Diamonds Blumoon Diamonds
BelgiumNY Diamonds Ecostar Diamonds
MID Diamonds JAS Diamonds
Vaibhav Gems Diamonds Meylor Global Diamonds
BelgiumNY Diamonds Belgium India
Kapu Gems Diamonds INC Diamonds
BelgiumNY Diamonds Skylab Diamonds
Belgium India Mystery Diamonds
Finestar Diamonds Indian Diamonds
Venus Diamonds Forever grown Diamonds
MJGross Diamonds Purelab Diamonds
HK Diamonds Nivoda Diamonds
Nivoda Diamonds Stuller Diamonds
Idex Diamonds Puregrown DIamonds
JBbros Diamonds Diamondsoncall Diamonds
Rapnet Diamonds GrownOrigin Diamonds
Diamondsoncall Diamonds Purestone Diamonds
SRK Diamonds FAGD Diamonds
Starrays Diamonds Unique Diamonds
Singh Diamonds Stonelab DIamonds
Diamondport Diamonds Diamondport Diamonds
Rosyblue Diamonds Arpic Gems
MID Diamonds Smiling Rocks Diamonds
Girdharilal Diamonds  
Kiran Gems  
VDB Diamonds  
Integrating custom diamonds or Diamond supplier API to your Jewelry website
Integrating custom diamonds or Diamond supplier API to your Jewelry website
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