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Unleashing the Power of Customization: The Benefits of Including a Custom Ring Builder on Your Shopify Jewelry E-Commerce Shop

In the realm of jewelry e-commerce, standing out from the crowd is crucial for success. One effective way to differentiate your Shopify jewelry store and provide an exceptional customer experience is by incorporating a custom ring builder.

This innovative tool empowers your customers to unleash their creativity, design unique pieces, and enjoy a host of benefits. In this post, we will explore the numerous advantages of including a custom ring builder on your jewelry e-commerce shop built on Shopify.

Step 1

The diamond search is blazing fast. Diamond data can be imported from internal files or from aggregaters like Rapnet, Nivoda, IDEXonline, and Polygon through their API.

Diamond Listing

Step 2

Select an Appropriate Setting suitable to the diamond size and carat weight

Setting Listing

Step 3

Final ring ready to be carted

Final Ring

Ring Builder for Shopify by TransPacific Software (TPS)

  1. Introduction : TransPacific Software is an industry leader specializing in the creation of customized Ring Builders for Shopify. Our services are tailored to align with your specific needs and themes, integrated with multiple diamond suppliers
  2. Costing : The one-time investment for the diamond search and ring builder varies from $3000 to $4000. This fee includes a full year of support service.
  3. Key Components : The ring builder primarily requires two types of data: - Diamond Data - Ring Mountings Images and Data
  4. Salient Features : The TransPacific Software Ring Builder offers a myriad of unique features. The cost of development varies depending on the inclusion of additional features.
    1. customised UI as per your theme
    2. Entry Points : The Ring Builder presents a user-friendly three-step process with two possible starting points : - Begin by selecting the diamond, then proceed to select the ring setting. - Alternatively, start by selecting the ring and then proceed to the diamond selection.
    3. Diamond Type Options : Users are provided with a range of diamond options to choose from, such as: - Natural White Diamonds - Natural Coloured Diamonds - Lab White Diamond - Lab Coloured Diamonds
    4. Additional Options : We also offer the choice to build a ring with gemstones, provided there's an available gemstone inventory.
    5. Additional Features : Further features like shipping, inventory management, taxation, home preview, inscription service, and valuation appraisal services can be incorporated as per required

Limitations of Shopify Ring Builder Apps

Shopify ring builder apps have several limitations which potential users should be aware of:

  1. Exclusive Supplier Integration : These apps are often created by diamond suppliers or aggregators, and they tend to only allow the integration of their unique feeds. This can pose a challenge if you are looking to integrate feeds from multiple suppliers, as this feature is not usually supported.
  2. Limited Inventory : The inventory of these apps is typically restricted, with a primary focus on Natural white or Lab white diamonds. If you are interested in diversifying your offerings with Lab coloured diamonds, you might find that these are not available.
  3. Limited Customization : The user interfaces of these apps usually offer minimal, if any, customization options. This can limit the ability to tailor the app to your specific needs and preferences.
  4. Subscription Fees : These apps typically come with a recurring monthly subscription fee, which can add to your operating costs.
  5. Lack of SEO Optimization : Unfortunately, these apps often do not support SEO optimization. This can limit the visibility of your products on search engines and potentially impact your reach and sales.
  6. Non-responsive Design : Our tests on a demo website have revealed that some of these ring builder shopify Apps do not feature a responsive design. This means they do not adapt well to various screen sizes and devices, which can negatively impact user experience.
TPS Ring Builder
Shopify Ring Builder Apps
Supplier Integration
Inventory Variety
Customization Options
SEO Optimization
Responsive Design
Additional Features
Gemstone Option
Customer Journey

Supports integration with multiple suppliers

Often supports only exclusive supplier

Includes Natural White, Natural Coloured, Lab White, and Lab Coloured Diamonds

Typically restricted to Natural white or Lab white diamonds

Highly customizable according to specific needs

Minimal customization options

One-time investment of $3000 to $4000, including a full year of support

Recurring monthly subscription fees

Supports SEO optimization

Typically does not support SEO optimization

Responsive to various screen sizes and devices

Some do not adapt well to different screen sizes and devices

Option to include features like shipping, inventory management, taxation, home preview, inscription service, and valuation appraisal services

Usually lacks these additional features

Offers the choice to build a ring with gemstones, provided there's an available gemstone inventory

Typically do not offer gemstone options

User-friendly three-step process with two possible starting points (either select diamond first or ring setting first)

Customer journey varies and may not offer as many options

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