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Is there Over Communication by e-commerce guys?

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So how many e-mail/text messages you receive when you make a purchase from the net ???….

Have you ever counted the number of communications one gets after a purchase from net.

Recently I bought a book from a well know Indian Portal. As soon as I completed my purchase through CC; the constant stream of e-mails and text messages started.

It started with Thank you, next day it was “order is booked” after two days “order shipped” next day order delivered followed by thank you for shopping. Add to these few more e-mails & text messages by Credit card guys.

It landed up as text on my BB, in my e-mail and again e-mails found its way on my BB. Things did not stop there. I was made a regular subscriber to new offers, festival bonanzas ….then my e-mail was shared with a sister site which was a real estate portal. I started receiving home loan offers…

So on the holy grail of “outstanding customer service” are e-commerce guys resorting to “Over communication” ?

Whenever I receive an e-mail through abandoned cart recovery. I feel my privacy is invaded. Yes I did abandon the cart and I did it on purpose why these pesky mails? Its important to distinguish between proactive communication and over-communication. One order should be followed by just one e-mail for confirmation. Rather than pushing text and e-mails on to the customer we strongly advise our e-commerce clients to maintain a live chat window and a toll free number.

Support your e-commerce with optimal communication preferably with only e-mail channel.

Prashant Telang, CEO

Point to ponder: Why “subscribe to"  newsletter check boxes are pre-checked and placed on the most unnoticeable places on registration pages?

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Is there Over Communication by e-commerce guys?
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