Layman's guide to responsive website

If your ecommerce shop is not responsive you are losing almost 30% of business . Here is a beginner's guide on responsive website design and development.

Here is a crash course on responsive web-site in a non-techie language.

What is a responsive site?

Website functioning efficiently on all size devices is responsive web-site. You may view the website on Desktop, 10 inch or 7inch tablet, iphone, ipad, ipod or any mobile device; it will auto adjust its layout for a decent user experience. No long scrolls, no cut off images, no tiny buttons.

Do I need a responsive web-site?


Could he be your potential customer? Surfing your site from the comfort of couch on ipad? If yes; you need a responsive website

For analytical minds check out these stats

  • M-commerce through tablets will reach $24 billion in 2013. 2014 will see that number zooming $50 billion in US only.
  • It is expected that this year m-commerce constitute about 15% of total e-commerce sales. Tablets alone will account for more than 9% of online sales, and up to 17% by 2016.
  • Apple's iPad, which accounts for 90% of all tablet-based web traffic, will produce "the bulk" of this mobile commerce during that time.
  • Research has shown that users are much more likely to shop online via a tablet than a smartphone, and also that those tablet shoppers tend to spend significantly more money on average.

Source: eMarketer Research Reports

Is it technically difficult to design a responsive site?

The development firm handling the design; should be proficient and experienced in designing responsive web sites. A responsive web-site uses technique called as media query. Prior to page rendering , it checks device attributes like screen width, orientation, resolution and accordingly renders the pages for best user experience.
One of the most important aspects of responsive web site design is testing. Developer firm should be equipped with multiple devices of various sizes. Simulators are no good. Your developer needs to have at least 10 different devices to test the design including 10 inch 7 inch tabs, Android phones,Ipod, Iphone5 and so on.

Are there any drawbacks of responsive sites?

No drawbacks but there are some constraints in design. Web-sites needs to acquire grid style design.
(click to see demo) However if you wish to optimize the site for only 10 inch or 7 inch tab (ignoring smartphones) you get design freedom. Further web sites need to be lean and fast downloading considering data speed on mobile devices. Strictly No to flash and heavy Java scripting.

Mine is a jewelry, diamonds and color stone e-commerce web-site should I go for responsive site design?

We suggest you should. Typically jewelry site purchase cycle is long. Users tend to check jewellery leisurely from comfort of their Wi-Fi connected ipad or tablet. The selected designs are circulated to friends by circulating the tablet like a printed catalogue. TransPacific Software been a leader in Jewelry ecommerce web-design has extensively studied the buyer behavior. Yes we strongly recommend responsive designs.

Can I see an example is a demo responsive web-site integrated in OpenCart shopping framework. Change the browser size window to note how it auto adjusts its layout Alternatively you may check simulator powered web site: here Notice how 8 column layout gets converted in 2 column and horizontal menu get transformed in drop down.

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