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Executive Summary:

Recently, TransPacific Software has completed a unique website development project for a Paris-based Jewellery manufacturer. The website is called 3DCastWax and it is about getting your jewellery CAD models printed in WAX for Prototyping.
The website allows a user to upload a CAD model which will be printed in wax on state of the art 3D printers and shipped back to the buyer.

The challenge was to instantly compute costing of the WAX printing, so the user can decide if he/ she wants to print the model.
This required a special API functionality which will compute the object volume, its surface area and bounding box dimensions to compute the costing.

Getting volume of uneven artistic CAD models like jewellery rings and other ornaments, required the specialist code base.
The case study is on how we have accomplished the project.

DCastWax model printing for jewelry

DCastWax model printing for jewelry

What is 3D Printing Technology?

3D Printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. It is an additive manufacturing process. In an additive process, an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object.

What is 3D Printing Technology

Why 3D Printing is needed in Jewelry Industry?

Following are the key reasons.

1. Prototyping:

Professionals in the jewelry sector can save time and money by using 3D printing to make cost-effective prototypes of jewelry pieces before sending the final design for production.Jewelers no longer have to carry out various manufacturing processes required for making jewelry prototypes before finalisation of design by customers. This saves labour costs and manufacturing costs as well as lot of time for jewelry retailers.

2. Personalization and Customization:

This technology empowers consumers to make jewelry in real-time. Buyers can try out 3D printed jewelry prototypes made of wax/polymer before buying and customize their own designs. This saves cost of making final precious metals models and then the customization.

3. For Complex shapes and Intricate designs:

3D printing allows to make complex shapes and intricate designs which would be impossible to achieve with traditional prototyping/production techniques.

4. Making patterns for casting:

3D printing can also be used in the manufacturing process of jewels to make patterns for investment casting.

Client Introduction:

Comptoir 62 La Fayette (3DCastWax), a France based Jewelry company approached Transpacific Software Pvt. Ltd. for developing website which will enable users to purchase 3D printed wax prototypes of various jewelry products by uploading a CAD model of design.

Client Requirement:

Comptoir 62 La Fayette(3DCastWax) wanted a user friendly, interactive website which will enable users to purchase 3D printed wax models of various jewelry product categories. Also, 3D wax model has to be rendered using STL format files.

Key Features of Website:

Instant Quotation Feature for obtaining Wax Printing Price and ordering 3D Wax Prototype of your Design:

1. When a user clicks on 'Instant Quotation' tab on website, a page asking for uploading STL file( CAD file) of design is rendered. After uploading design file, it can be moved and a snapshot can be taken to grab an instant image from the 3d model.

2. Further, File details such as STL Volume, Bounding Box and Surface Area are rendered. Based on file details, Wax Printing Price, Printing time and Shipping date get computed and are rendered on the same page.

For Instance:

3D image1
3D image2

3. After signing or logging to account, user is asked to choose product category enter product name. After Clicking on Add to Cart, user navigates to shopping cart and checkout pages respectively. On checkout page, checkout steps are rendered. When a user completes all checkout steps; billing details, delivery details, delivery method and payment method respectively, user navigates to last step of ‘confirm order.’

4. As per the shipping date, 3D printed wax prototype of the uploaded design is shipped to a buyer.

French Language Interface:

As per the client's requirement, Transpacific Software developed website in French language.

My Wallet Feature:

This feature allows buyer to add money to the wallet developed in the website for faster checkouts and view credit and debit history.

My Orders Feature:

This feature allows buyer to view Order History, Order Information and Download the invoice in PDF format.

My Cloud Feature:

This feature allows buyer to reorder the same design using 'Reorder', download the STL file uploaded and update product information.


This feature allows buyer to choose desired shipping method and payment method.

SSL Security:

The security of the website is enhanced through SSL Security.

Wax Product Order Management:

For admin, various modules are developed for handling wax products orders.


Integration of API for calculating exact dimensions (Volume, Surface Area) of uneven jewelry parts and thus calculating pricing based on the dimensions was challenging. Also, Shipping date calculations were complex due to machine running times in the wax lab.

Value Additions:

1. Empowering consumers by giving them opportunity for design customization using 3D wax prototypes

2. Calculation of exact costing through 'Instant Quotation' feature. It saves time for both the retailers as well as customers. Due to real time price calculation in this feature, transparency in costing is maintained. 


The demo for the project can be viewed on request Please contact [email protected]

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