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TransPacific and Entrepreneurs: A Journey of Synergy

If you are an Entrepreneur thinking big in  eCommerce, you need a technology partner who nurtures your idea as their own. Since 2006, TransPacific Software has worked with entrepreneurs as their trusted technology partner.

From initial hand holding to transferring the end product (your eCommerce website) to your in-house support team, we at TransPacific Software will work with you as an extended team.

In order to help you further refine your idea and concept, we follow agile methodology of continuous iterations.Our 9 stage process from concept to completion will bring you further clarity.

Stage I – Consultation and Requirement Gathering

We will not only understand your idea, we will create a document which dwells in each and every specific requirement of yours. We focus on making this document as detailed and thorough as possible, which in turn eliminates any scope of confusion or ambiguity. This is the reason why we as high as 40% of total project time in requirement gathering, data collection and in working with you for preliminary round of preparations. Your design requirements, algorithms, logic flow, amount of data and every single requirement is documented and serves as the roadmap for the whole development process.

Stage II – Documentation

On the basis of your requirements, a sign-off document is created which consists of the services we would be providing you along with the quote for these services. Your approval to the sign-off document will greenlit, the implementation phase of your idea. This is the time when all the plans are in place and your idea starts taking solid form.

Stage III – Logic Flow & UI Design

The algorithm and logic flow can be considered as the heart of your eCommerce website. Our team of developers at TransPacific take utmost care in writing your algorithm and designing your logic flow, so that your eCommerce website works as effectively and efficiently as you want it to work. While the developers are busy in writing the code, the design team at TransPacific is hard at work in giving a face to your eCommerce store. From the homepage of your website to the product page, our designers will turn what you imagined into reality, exactly the way it should be.

Stage IV - Prototyping (Agile Methodology)

Once the prerequisites are in place, a working prototype is created for you based on MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Concept. This prototype also known as the alpha version, is further refined using agile methodology of continuous iterations in which we keep on improvising on your MVP until it’s at par with your requirements. Entrepreneurs can expect to pitch for venture capital funding and target market immediately after the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is ready, which in turn saves a plenty of time.

Stage V – Insertion of Data & Images

Once the design, the alpha version and the logic flow is in place, data is inserted into the backend of your online store. In today’s information age, managing vast data is considered as the trickiest part of the business. TransPacific’s impeccable expertise in integrating data be it from RAPNET, IDEX or POLYGON will turn this stage into a walk in the park for you. In case you have a custom dataset of yours or you want to integrate dummy data at first, just remember you have the best in the industry as your technological partner.

Stage VI – Beta Version

We never suggest you to risk it all by taking the whole of your website live at once. The website could have some glitches and needs to be tested; moreover if you want to make more tweaks and improvise further, it won’t be possible. To alleviate such issues, we develop the beta version based on the prototype of your eCommerce store, so that you can see and feel the first glimpse of your idea which you have nurtured so well till now.

Stage VII – Testing

The testing team at TransPacific will test your eCommerce website for each and every glitch, be it a major one like clicking on a link is taking the user to where it is not supposed to or a minor one. Terminating 99% of issues at this stage enables seamless execution when the prototype goes live.

Stage VIII – Your eCommerce Website goes Live

Your idea is now a reality; it has taken form and is now hosted on a staging server for you to test it. As soon as you approve it, it will go live for the whole world to see. You can take it live in one go or phase-wise, whichever suits you. Once it’s live, payment gateway and shipping methods integrate with your eCommerce website.

Stage IX – Technology Handover to Your In-house Team

Your online store is migrated from the staging server to your own server or a shared server, whichever you have opted for. This last but one of the most significant stage includes the training of your in-house team to operate your ecommerce website and the final transfer of control takes place from TransPacific Software to your organization.

For More Info and questions contact: [email protected]

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TransPacific and Entrepreneurs: A Journey of Synergy
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