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Make Your Blog the Crown Jewel of Your Jewelry Store

How come your jewelry sales are going down?

There’s simply too much competition around, especially online. According to Research and Markets data, the global jewelry market is expected to grow 5% annually over the next five years. And while online jewelry stores make up a small percent of all jewelry stores, 4% to 5% percent to be specific, they are expected to grow at a faster rate and make 10% of the global jewelry market by 2020.

But you know what the worst part is?

They all use the same clichéd phrases like “Diamonds are forever” or “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. The marketing in the jewelry industry has been the same for decades, and with more and more jewelry stores opening up much of it has become stale. Nobody wants to hear the same phrases anymore.

Some jewelry stores with big marketing budgets can afford TV ads, billboards and other lucrative forms of advertising and no matter how clichéd their approach to marketing is, they still manage to pull it off. But smaller, local jewelry stores simply don’t have the same resources.

The most difficult part of growing your business is establishing yourself as a reliable brand. Nobody wants to buy their engagement ring from a store whose name they’ve just read on a flyer or saw on a banner ad. A piece of jewelry is just too big of an investment to risk it, so they go to that other store whose ad they’ve seen on TV.

Because if it’s on TV it has to be legit, right?

So how can you make a name for yourself and not spend insane amounts on TV ads?

Simple. Start your own jewelry blog.

Content marketing is nothing new. In fact, it has become the leading online marketing strategy. Even big companies like Emerson Farrar Fine Jewelry are adopting this incredibly simple, yet highly efficient approach.

Benefits of Blogging for your Jewelry Store

Starting your own blog is free if you already have a website. You only have to decide if you want to hire a content creator or write the content yourself. Either way, the aim is to create relevant posts that can help you expand your business and build brand authority. This, in turn, will help you retain old customers and attract new ones.

Here are the benefits of starting a blog for your jewelry business:

  • Educate Your Clients
  • Prove Your Expertise
  • Promote Your Business
  • Communicate with your Clients

Educate Your Clients

By giving your visitors expert advice on topics such as how to choose the right setting for a diamond, how to choose a gemstone for your engagement ring and similar, you are giving them valuable information which will encourage them to visit your website again once they need other advice on jewelry.

Prove Your Expertise

Your articles will show your potential clients that you are an expert in your field. And when choosing to buy jewelry, clients will look for a company that knows everything about jewelry as it gives them a sense of security if they need a recommendation. By giving them the right advice, you will earn their trust and earn yourself a returning customer.

Promote Your Business

Apart from educating your visitors, you are also promoting your business. You can use your blog to advertise unique products, special events and even hold contests in order to encourage clients to interact with your website.

Communicate with your Clients

In essence, a blog is just another way to communicate with potential clients. Make sure to enable the comments on your blog and encourage discussion to get your visitors involved. Their questions and comments may even give you an idea of what topics you can cover next. This way they will feel involved and know that you listening.

Jewelry Blog Topic Inspiration

In order to do that, you need to make sure your blog shines bright like a diamond (how do you like that cliché?). If you choose to start a blog, simply rewriting articles already on the web won’t cut it anymore. You need to give your articles a unique edge, make its tone fit your brand’s voice and offer advice no one else did.

Here are some topic ideas to get you started with:

  • Give Your Audience Style Tips
  • Offer Educational Articles
  • Showcase Your Specialty
  • Help Your Visitors Pick a Gift
  • Reach Out to Younger Audiences

Give Your Audience Style Tips

Offer practical style guide on how your clients can wear the jewelry you offer. This is a great way to showcase your product and engage your audiences at the same time. Show brides how to match jewelry to their wedding dresses or show men how to choose the right watch for their tux.

Offer Educational Articles

4Cs of Diamonds. Carats. The benefits of platinum over gold. Is a certain gemstone more prone to damage from everyday activities like sports?

These are all topics you can cover to educate your clients and help them pick the right engagement ring. There aren’t many customers who know that pearls can’t be worn every day since they are very vulnerable to scratching, home cleaning products and even harsh soap. These topics are very popular with search engines and are bound to drive more visitors to your website.

Showcase Your Specialty

You have something that sets you apart from your competition? Why not use that to inspire your articles. For example, Emerson & Farrar used their blogs to introduce their customers to the wonderful Masriera jewelry collection. If you have a special collection you’d love to showcase, perhaps you could write about its origins, how the pieces can be worn, how they were made or anything else that comes to mind.

Help Your Visitors Pick a Gift

Men are not really adept at picking the right jewelry, are they?

It might be as easy as looking into their loved one’s collection to find the right style, but sometimes you have to point out the obvious. Explain how men can pick the right type of jewelry for their anniversary and offer some from your collection. In most cases, they will want to play safe and stick with the advice (and the piece of jewelry) you offered.

Reach Out to Younger Audiences

This is a controversial one. Marketing is usually targeted at employed adults who can afford the luxurious jewelry you’re selling. According to, the largest groups who contribute most to the market are adults aged 35 to 44, followed by those aged 25 to 34.

But here’s a chance to stay ahead of your competition!

Write articles targeted at younger demographics. Help kids pick out the perfect bracelet for their prom or the right tiara for their birthday party. Sure, they might not be able to buy it right away, but they might just convince their parents to take a look at your blog and your offer.

Besides, think of this as a long-term investment. The road from prom to engagement is not that long, especially in terms of a family-run jewelry business. If you start raising awareness about your brand right away, soon you’ll have a new generation of employed customers knocking at your proverbial door.

Use Blogging to Skyrocket Your Business!

The ultimate goal of blogging for a jewelry store is to connect to your visitors and demonstrate your expertise. If you want these visitors to come back and convert them into customers, you have to show that you care about them and their needs, and blogging is the easiest way to do that.

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Make Your Blog the Crown Jewel of Your Jewelry Store
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