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How to start a jewelry store on Shopify

During three agonizing years of pandemic and Lock-downs, numerous brick-and-mortar jewelry stores turned to eCommerce. During this time, Shopify witnessed its fastest growth. Currently, it commands 20% of the share among various eCommerce platforms.

Its strength lies in its SaaS platform, where an eCommerce website could be quickly developed and deployed.


When to select Shopify as an eCommerce deployment platform..

If you wish to have a cool-looking eCommerce website without any out-of-the-box customization, then Shopify is the most suitable platform. As a hosted platform, it has limitations with customization that otherwise could be accomplished in open-source eCommerce platforms like Magento or WooCommerce.


Where to start

We don't suggest a do-it-yourself approach, as Shopify development requires good experience in Liquid coding. Selecting an experienced development agency is critical.


There are many ready-to-use Shopify jewelry website themes available on Theme markets like ThemeForest.

However, be careful in selecting a theme as they are embellished with the extra baggage of JavaScript and unnecessary elements with UI effects that may slow down the website.

We strongly suggest picking your development agency which can custom-build a theme for you as per your needs. This will help in a fast-loading website and better SEO


Data Management and Data tagging

This is the most critical part. Before you go ahead with development; organize the product data and images in a spreadsheet. For example, for an engagement ring, you may offer a user metal option. eg. 14 Rose Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, and Platinum Such products are categorized under variable products. Products such as ready-to-wear pendants or earrings are categorized as simple products.

Product Images, Product Videos, SKU, and other attributes of the jewelry eg. diamond shape, weight, description etc should be pre-organized in the data sheet for quick data entry.

We strongly recommend you discuss this with your development agency before starting the work.


Jewelry 3D Interactive Models

One of the advanced features Shopify have is embedding 3D models. Embedding a 3D jewelry model of the jewelry will allow a buyer to view the jewelry from all angles.< can we add a 3D model here or in our jewelry demo store we have already some ready G
For this purpose, you will have to hire a 3D modeling expert in 3D software like Blender. The modeler will create these interactive jewelry models from pictures.

The 3D models need to be in GLB or GLTF format and get embedded in the shop with ModelViewer component Having a 3D model of the jewelry dramatically increases the conversion rate.


Apps that may be required

Shopify's functionalities can be extended by using third-party Apps. For a jewelry website, here are a few Apps which need to be installed. Note that most of these are paid apps.

 Additional attributes App

- Plugin Details: Metafields Guru (Free to install, allows only 1000 free credits to import data)

 Instagram feed app

- Plugin Details: Shoppable Instagram Feed addition (From $50/month. 21-day free trial.)

 Third-party reviews (Google reviews) App

- Plugin Details: Shopify Google Reviews app ($5.99 / month)

 Book an appointment App

- Plugin Details: Testimonials Slider & Photos (Free plan available. 14-day free trial.)


Shopify Subscription Plan

Shopify offers three categories of subscription: Basic, Shopify Plus, and Advance. Although Shopify recommends Shopify Plus we suggest you go for a Basic version. Latter if required Plan can be enhanced to Plus.

Live  Jewelry websites on Shopify

johnsen diamond

Johnsen Diamond

Shopify powered Diamond and Jewelry website with ring builder for Johnson Diamond , New Jersey

By Bonnie Jewelry

By Bonnie Jewelry

Sparkling New jewelry website developed on Shopify for Burlington, California-based custom jewelry maker "By Bonnie Jewelry.


Carat London UK

Stunning Jewelry website developed on Shopify Plus

Bruce G. Weber

Bruce G. Weber

Diamond Cellar Holdings is a family of three of the finest jewelry stores in the United States. Developed on Shopify



Baku, Australia
Platform: Shopify

Demo Site on Shopify

Kindly use below password to access demo site

Password: demo

billig jewelers

Shopify Integrated fast Diamond and Jewelry builder

Diamond and Jewelry e-commerce website with Shopify custom theme and Diamond data feed API

TransPacific Software are the partners with Shopify to

create top quality Jewelry website .

Here are the services we offer.

  • Complete design and development of the jewelry website.
  • Custom theme building which is light weighted and fast loading
  • Data entry and consulting in data organizing
  • Video and media management
  • Jewelry website SEO and management
  • Diamond API integration for Natural and Lab diamonds from Lab and natural diamond supplier API. Rapnet, Polygon, IDEXonline, Nivoda, VDB and so on
  • Website speed optimization

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How to start a jewelry store on Shopify
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