Integrating Woocommerce WordPress with diamond data from Rapnet or IDEX . Integration will be like a separate Module or Extension Plugin

Integrating Woocommerce WordPress  with diamond data from Rapnet or IDEX . Integration will be like a separate Module or Extension Plugin
Live Demo of woocommerce integrated with diamond data.
Update  August 2019

We get many enquiries for the plugin. Please note that the plugin needs customisation on the case to case basis. Our offering for such integration is all-inclusive. consisting of customised Plugin + Theme design + installation and free support for 1 year. Costing  starts from $1500 onwards 

Update Dec 2018
Another approach in integrating large data in WooCommerce store was tried successfully through Restful web services. A separate web service application on CodeIgnitor is built and hosted on the same server.
The application supplies data to WooCommerce based e-store as and when required. In Our case, we had to push about half a million diamond stone data into a Woocommerce based e-store.
The diamond data gets updated every 4 hours; thus adding so many products 6 times a day on Woocommerce was almost impossible through native Woocommerce CSV upload.
We took the route of service-oriented architecture; wherein product data was supplied to Woocommerce as a service; as and when required through a robust CodeIgniter based web service.
The app easily updated half a million diamonds every four hours. In addition, through web service many more operations such as pagination, filtering and sorting were handled.
Only when the user clicks an event such as "add to cart" or "add to wishlist" product gets saved in Woocommerce native tables

Many Diamond & jewellery websites developed on Woocommerce ( A WordPress e-commerce plugin) require integrating diamond data from diamond trading exchanges like Rapnet, IDEX, MID or Polygon.

Unlike Magento Opencart or Prestashop which are built ground up for e-commerce, Woocommerce is a plugin on WP, to improvise it to an ecommerce store.

Essentially the “posts” in WP are altered by woo-commerce to show as items/products, this makes it restrictive for customization. Furthermore for diamond data (typically Rapnet feed may go into 50,000+ diamonds) with numerous
diamond specific attributes like carat weight, colour, fluorescence, clarity, cut etc; integration become complex.

As a specialist in Diamond Jewelry websites ; Transpacific regularly receives project requests to integrate Woocommerce or WP-eCommerce with Rapnet data as well as to build front end diamond search interface for build a ring feature.

The biggest problem: Inserting bulk (more than 100k) records in Woocommerce-WP

How is it done:

a) Prepare the database to handle additional diamond attributes

CSV format Diamond data is downloaded from trading exchanges like Rapnet/IDEX/ Polygon or MID. Unlike a other products a diamond has many specialized attributes including cut, Florescence, table , symmetry etc. all these are necessary for creating front end “diamond search engine” So the first step to prepare database by creating additional tables for diamond specific attributes.

b) CSV parsing and inserting extensions

WordPress has few good quality extensions available for CSV import . However during our test runs most of them could not go beyond inserting 10k+ products.

All of these flashed error.

“Fatal error: Allowed memory size Exhausted”

This happens due to WP native data insert functions to insert product data including wp_insert_post(); wp_set_object_terms(); - add_post_meta(); - update_post_meta();

Consume extensive server memory ; by the time they reach 8K-10K product inserts “memory exhausted error shows up”.

Out-of-Box approach for 100K CSV data insert.

An out of box approach had to be taken for inserting 100K products by developing a separate custom plugin which parsed the csv files through Core PHP queries .TransPacific’s specialized module efficiently inserts about 100K product records in about 17-20 minutes.

Front end diamond search engine:

Front end Diamond search engines forms an integral part of the Diamond web-site. A spate WP plugin had to be built for diamond search which queries more than 100,000 diamond records on more than 10 filtering criterion.

Live Demo of woocommerce integrated with diamond data.

A demo is available on

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