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How to display Diamond videos on your jewellery websites

"Why my diamond search not showing diamond videos? one of the most common questions asked to us after developing a jewellery e-commerce website. To answer, we have to dive into diamond inventory sources.

Most of the jewellery websites source their diamond data from either diamond suppliers or Peer to Peer (P2P) diamond exchanges like Rapnet IDEXonline , Polygon or MID E-commerce websites seldomly hold diamonds in stock; rather they integrate diamond inventory data through supplier API's through CSV or spreadsheet files.

TransPacific Software works with the world's largest natural and Lab diamond suppliers to integrate their API into retail jewellery websites. (The e-retailer needs a tie-up with suppliers to pull diamond data from their API) If e-retailers diamond listing is not displaying diamond videos on their website then there is no diamond video available. This happens mostly in the case of P2P exchange's diamonds or small low-cost diamonds. Videographing a small cheap diamond is not viable.

For example, Rapnet is the popular P2P diamond exchange wherein suppliers list their diamonds. Some suppliers also permit their data to be re-distributed to retailers through Rapnet Instant Inventory API. As per our experience, not more than 20% of these diamonds have videos. In contrast as high as 99% of diamonds integrated through supplier sent data have videos.

Diamond videos are hosted on third-party media streaming servers including, Vimeo, Vision360 . TransPacific Software pulls this video feed through iframe to display it on the e-retailers website. In case If no video or diamond image' it displays a placeholder image with a note: Image is for representation only. Contact us for details

So; If you need to have a diamond video on your diamond listing website; check with your diamond suppliers if they have video graphed the diamonds and are pushing the video feed through API

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How to display Diamond videos on your jewellery websites
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