Magento And The Mess People Make With Data Entry

Magento And The Mess People Make With Data Entry

We work on numerous Magento based websites and in particular diamond and jewelry e-commerce stores.

Impressed by powerful features; Magento is the shopping cart of choice for many e-store owners. However after building the Magento shop and customizing its design, we realize that many of these e-shops are unable to go in production or are extensively delayed.

The number one reason for interruption is: botched up product data entry.

Magento data entry requires serious planning

While selecting Magento; shop owners don’t realize the complexity of “product data entry”; done manually one by one or through bulk uploads. The ground work to be done for data entry is often overlooked.

If you are planning a Magento store get yourself acquainted with Magento data structure (It doesn’t require programming knowledge). This may include understanding attributes, attribute sets, options, simple products and configurable products etc. Latter, work with your developer on a suitable data entry schema.

Developer requires help on subject matter

Remember that developer alone won’t be able to finalize the data schema; as it requires considerable subject matter expertise. For example for  loose Diamonds there are multiple attributes like shape, carat weight, cut, fluorescence etc. or, suppose you are selling Car accessories including Tires you need to supply tire related attributes to developer such as width, rim size, aspect ratio, radial construction details, wet grip rating, noise rating etc. Further you need to work with your developer in finalizing attribute sets /groups and providing him with sample data sheet.

Below is the most suitable data schema for a Diamond Jewelry e-store for ready reference. The data schema is generic and can be  customized.

Magento data schema for Diamond & Jewelry eCommerce store.

Jewelry e-store is usually divided in three top level Categories.

1. Loose Diamond

2. Jewelry

3. Engagement ring settings

Diamond Attribute Set

 diamond attribute flow chart

Jewellery Attribute Set

jewellery attribute flow chart

Engagement Ring Settings:  Settings are for “Build your ring feature” wherein a buyer can select a diamond and setting combination.


rings flow chart

Category Structure provides top level categorization of products. Diamonds are categorized by shape and jewelry and setting by its style.

Category Structure

category structure flow


The above data schema will work good for creating simple products. Based on the same configurable products can be also created.

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