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Avail our Opencart Developer services for small tasks. Quick turn around at low cost

OpenCart Small task services

  • Extension installation: $15/per installation.
  • Theme installation: $25 per installation.
  • version Upgrade : $50 per upgrade.
  • Custom OpenCart work: $22/hour.

TransPacific Software is one of the biggest implementers of OpenCart world-wide. Our developers are experts . Our response and turn around time is blazing fast. Let us know your requirements

OpenCart Extensions Installation services

Most of the OpenCart extensions are developed for default OpenCart theme. If you have a customized theme ; typically a theme installed from "Themeforest" or "Shoppica" You may find installing new extensions cumbersome.
Some of the typical issues you will face with Opencart Extension installations on customized themes or with customized functionalities:

  • Extension not showing up in admin.
  • Throwing error after installation: probably you have not uploaded the extension files in correct directories. For instance, if you have customized theme you need to place the files in your theme directory and not in default.
  • If you have customized Opencart functionality then plugin related to that functionality will not work.
  • If extension is vQmod based it needs vQmod should be correctly installed.Just dumping the vQmod directory on the server is not sufficient. It has to be installed. To check whether vQmod is installed or not, open the vqmod/vqcache directory.It should contain many .php files. If it's empty, it means vQmod is not installed.
  • Fatal error: Call to undefined method means you try to call the function/ method that doesn't exist. Commonly happen if the extensions is not compatible with your OpenCart version; or function doesn't exist due to customization.
  • Some extensions require creating additional tables/fields in database. If not created correctly error will throw up.

Avail our "Opencart extension" installation services for quick and bug free installation
We charge $15 per installation to be paid through paypal

You will have to provide us following details:

Admin details.

Web-site FTP details.

Downloaded Zip file of the Extension.

In case vQmod needs to be installed we charge additional $10 as one time fee.

OpenCart Theme Installation:

Theme installation is not easy as it is made out to be in various Opencart theme installation Tutorials. For example: If you already have a customized theme installed with extensions. Installing a new theme could be frustrating as it may conflict with previous theme.

Typical Problems faced while installing opencart theme:

Compatibility with your opencart version.

If you have customized or added extensions and then try to install new theme , may not work correctly.

Some default css may get conflict with your theme.

You need to further tweak the design , Add some cool jquery effects Doing it yourself will be complex and time consuming.

Contact us for theme installations

OpenCart Upgrades:

OpenCart regularly releases upgraded versions. Most of the upgrades are based on continuous user feedback . Upgrades not only provides better features but better user experience.
Upgrades can be done through automated scripts available in OpenCart market. but most of these fail to do a clean upgrade. We provide a complete end to end services to carefully port your older version OpenCart shop to new version with all extensions and themes as it is. Before upgrading a complete backup of files and database is made.

OpenCart Customization:

Possibly you are looking for an extension or bespoke functionality.
For example creating a custom-built checkout payment process, Or having a new automated data import plugin. Contact us with detailed requirement for a quote.