Analytics for OpenCart for $199 with installation

Get Prism Ecommerce Analytics installed on your Opencart shop

Plug and play extension for OpenCart shops; to pull host of actionable analytics.

Why to reinvent the wheel ? Google analytics is available...

We establish ecommerce business for dozens of small and mid-size businesses across the globe. Some are small "Mom & Pop" shops going online, some online start ups and some are already established businesses. But without an exception all have a single common requirement:

They need quick to install Analytics service which is easy to deploy and simple to understand. The analytics numbers should give them actionable inputs without a learning curve.

So what is with Google Analytics? Why can't it work for small and mid size e-retailer?

  • Too complicated when it comes to diving deeper
  • Its not real time, one has to wait for 3-4 days till the data gets updated
  • To compute e-commerce analytics such as most viewed item, abandoned carts, average basket order size etc.; lot of additional code and events need to be embed in the website. This requires services an expensive to hire, Google Analytics certified developer.
  • Difficult to compute ROI and conversion rates on advertisement campaigns like FaceBook, Bing and even on Google adwords.
  • It's too intricate for an average ecommerce vendor to understand data analysis with statistical terms like setting dimensions, goals, events, attribution, and so on

If you search for "Google analytics too complicated" you will find hundreds of user posts talking about why they need a better friendlier alternative.

We realized this need and created "Prism".

Primary goal of the Prism is: easy to deploy opencart extension which will compute actionable ecommerce data.

Prism: A simple to install ready to go analytics extension for Opencart shops

Named "Prism-Analytics for Opencart" the extension is in beta testing for a while.

Following matrix is computed in real time by the extension

General stats

  • Site traffic
  • Keywords with entry pages
  • Picks up the date of Googlebot's last visit to your site
  • Most traffic from country
  • Top viewed category
  • Top viewed products
  • Top purchases from country
  • User conversion rate

E-commerce stats

  • Total number of orders in given time frame
  • Total revenue
  • Average order
  • Total number of purchased products
  • Buyer's list
  • Abandoned Carts (with user info)
  • Payment gateway distribution
  • Order distribution from multiple devices : Desktop/mobile

Deep Dive stats

  • Provides list of each and every visit to the site and user navigation path
PPC analytics
  • Click stats from various campaigns
  • Which campaign is giving maximum ROI
  • Custom campaign Tracking