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Why we don’t recommend Magento for Rapnet

Magento Rapnet

Update November 2017

The original blog post was published in 2015; since then many positive developments have happened on Magento and Rapnet API front. With next-generation Magento 2; things are much better for Rapnet Instant Inventory Integration. Do visit the demo on

Rapnet has almost discontinued DLS service instead Rapnet instant Inventory service needs to be integrated which considerably reduces server load

“Rapnet” and Diamond trading is synonymous. Most of the diamond traders extensively use Rapnet for trading diamonds or  subscribe to Rapnet feeds to incorporate data in their ecommerce Portals (of course with a mark-up).

TransPacific Software are leaders in integrating Diamond data feeds into ecommerce portals through Diamond Listing services (DLS) or Direct linking. Over the time TransPacific has perfected the coding framework for Rapnet integration which includes sourcing data CSV feeds, inserting in ecommerce carts, deleting the unavailable inventory and marking up pricing. All completely automated.

One of the ecommerce cart of choice is Magento.  Magento; no doubt is a market leader in Open Source ecommerce we don’t recommend it with Rapnet or IDEX data feeds.

Why not Magento for Rapnet with Diamond Listings Services (DLS)?

Large number of products

One the core problem is large number of products. Rapnet has more than half a million diamonds listed. If you decide to pull stones from 0.3 to 5 ct. for listing it is about 1,00,000 + products. Inserting these many products in Magento is a tedious task.

Magento has highly structured database with EVA (Entity Attribute Value) model. This requires each record to be inserted in 15 to 16 Tables. A complex and lengthy task often resulting in Time-out errors.

Indexing Database:

With each new record Magento re-indexes the database. Re-indexing more than 20,000 products in Magento from admin often results in script time out . So backend cron jobs need to be run every time the new data is inserted.

Server Configuration

You need a high end server to run Rapnet Magento combination. Magento and Rapnet together hogs processing power and anything less than VPS or dedicated server fails. Forget shared hosting. Hiring a dedicated server is an expensive proposition.

Plugin installation problem

Due to vast number of products many a time plugin installation is a problem. Especially when Product related plugin which affect the functionality of custom attributes like cut, florescence, clarity, shape etc

Search: coding is complex

All the Rapnet_Magento sites require powerful search functionality. Something similar to Creating a such a composite, slider based diamond search functionality in Magento is complex as search has to work through the complex database structure of Magento pushing the server processing power to limits.

To Summarize

Magento is a great product. But with Rapnet it becomes complex; processor hogging monster.

The core problem: too many products which makes database and indexing operations too bulky.

If you have existing Magento site and would like to incorporate Rapnet we suggest considerable enhancement in server power including large cache memory MYsql dedicated server.

If you wish to have new website developed from scratch we suggest OpenCart over Magento

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Why we don’t recommend Magento for Rapnet
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