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Up-selling Matching Bands with Engagement Rings

On purchase of an engagement ring, a buyer may be looking for a pairing wedding band. If his/her experience with engagement ring purchase is good with your jewelry website, the buyer may certainly re-visit to pick a matching wedding band.

Alternatively, buyers who already have purchased an engagement ring from another website may be looking for better matching band options on your website

Both the scenarios create an excellent opportunity for upselling Wedding bands

Buyer's Journey to purchase a matching wedding Bands

Here is how you may upsell Wedding bands on two distinct user journeys :


For buyers in the process of purchasing an engagement ring from your website. Present a matching band option on the engagement ring detail page. Please refer to the attached screenshot.

This is achieved by adding a matching band sku in for each engagement ring in the website backend. You may even provide multiple Band SKUs for picking from multiple bands Note that these matching band sku should be added by your jewelry expert manually from website admin area.


In case a buyer has already purchased an engagement ring a special search page can be created on the website wherein a buyer can input the sku number to view the best marching band.


For buyers who have already purchased an engagement ring from other website, a specialized page can be created wherein a buyer can describe the engagement ring and the system can pull out the best marching band. In addition ; to have a human touch a form may be provided wherein prospective buyers may upload an engagement ring photograph and your expert may pick the best matching jewelry band from your inventory

Transpacific Software Can create such specialized functionalities on almost all eCommerce platforms including Woocommerce WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and Squarespace

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Up-selling Matching Bands with Engagement Rings
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