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Return Policy for Jewelry e-retailer

"Return Policy" is one of the most visited pages on any online jewelry store. Of course, for obvious reasons. The buyer's number one anxiety is what if the jewelry is not to the satisfaction?

For years TransPacific Software has been building diamond and jewelry e-commerce shops for the world's who's who in the jewelry industry. Our observation is; jewelry e-shops don't accord as much importance to the "return policy" page as it deserves

Return Policy pages are copied from a template and tucked under either FAQ or as a link in the footer.

Return Policy pages are copied from a template and tucked under either FAQ or as a link in the footer.

So how a Return Policy page of a jewelry e-retailer should be:

What should It contain:

1) Available time window for return:

Most online jewelry shops accept a 30-day return with a full refund.

2) Non-refundable:

State what is not refundable, e.g., engraved jewelry, custom design jewelry, re-sized jewelry, etc.

3) Condition of the returned jewelry:

Emphasize what will not be accepted as a return, e.g. damaged, scratched jewelry, jewelry returned without original documentation and packaging,

4) How to return:

Make return process hassle-free

Issue clear guidelines on How to box and label the merchandise. Most jewelry e-retailers have a tie-up with established carriers like FEDEX, DHL, UPS. Through a buyer's "My account" on the jewelry website, a buyer can quickly generate a return shipping label. Just walk into the nearest shipping carrier office with "return label" and merchandise to return jewelry hassle-free and at no charge. These jewelry websites are connected with API's of such shipping carriers for tracking of the return items.

5) Insurance:

Clarify your "return Shipment process". Do the returned shipments have complimentary insurance? Its highly recommended that the jewelry e-retailer provides insurance cover against damage, loss, or stolen parcels.

Where should the "Returns page" be published:

A well formated; easy to read "Return Policy" page should be published wherever the buyer will be making an action for purchase.

Here are the suggested locations to publish the link: "Our Return Policy":

1) In the menu as an independent header.

2) A pop-up page link on the detail jewelry page where a user hits the buy button.

3) As a Link in the purchase order email.

TPS advisory: As per our findings, an easy and liberal refund policy has increased sales. Liberal return policy gives add confidence to buyers.

If possible, apart from a comprehensive "Return Policy" document, also create easy to understand explanatory videos.

Albit, there will be some non-genuine buyers who will use the jewelry and return it, but the percentage of such buyers is minuscule when compared with genuine buyers.

We also suggest creating a separate data sheet of buyers with their addresses who return the jewelry. Each jewelry purchase should be run through this database against the shipping address to check if the buyer is habitual with the return.

We also strongly suggest a tie-up with established shipping providers or shipping aggregators like Ship station or parcel Pro for online tracking of the merchandise.

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Return Policy for Jewelry e-retailer
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