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Upgrading and Migrating Magento 1 to Magento 2

A Checklist for Migration

You and your Magento Developer finally decided to migrate your Magento 1.x shop to the latest Magento 2.x. here is a quick checklist to achieve the migration process in a painless way.

In this post, we will NOT dive into why you should migrate. There are plenty of the posts you will find online justifying why the migration is needed. And rightly so unless you are OK with your Magento 1.x shop getting obsolete in next 12 months.

Magento upgrade

Magento 2.x is next generation Magento. It radically updates Magento 1.x. Migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x requires careful planning and top end expertise.

We present a quick checklist of how to approach the Migration in an organized manner

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Auditing Magento E-commerce website

The first step is to audit your existing website. and make a document:
  • What all functionalities are there.
  • List of modules, custom and inbuilt both.
  • Which extensions are installed?
  • Are all extensions available on Magento 2.2 if not available then what is the alternative.
  • What are special calculation formulas used e.g. Tax, shipping?
  • Theme details.
  • Shipping and Payment Method details.

Back up your code and check all account credentials:

  • Code Backup
  • Database backup
  • Login account credentials
  • Extension login credentials
  • Shipping and Payment Method accounts login credentials and API keys
  • Email Account details
  • Htaccess and robots.txt files backup

Make an under the wraps Mirror of your Magento 1.9

Make a mirror of your Magento 1.9 preferably on the live server and keep it under password. Name it something like

You will require the old website regularly for reference till new website gets stable

Data Migration:

Below Tool is used for migration from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.2:

  • The tool will data which includes:
  • Product Data
  • Categories
  • Orders
  • Tax Rules
  • Discount Rules
  • Customer Groups
  • Customer Accounts


If you have used third party theme then you need to check with its creators if they have same theme available in Magento 2.X. If not you need to build the custom design for your upgraded site from scratch.


Need to manually copy the images from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.2 as there Magento 2 folder structure is completely different than Magento 1.9.


If you are going for Magento 2.2 + then you will need PHP 7+ version and MYSQL 5.7 Version installed on the server. Check with your hosting provider. Also you need command line SSH to the server for compiling Magento 2.x. Hosting your Magento 2.0 on VPS with atleast 6GB RAM is preferable. here are more details

Search Engine Optimization

SEO should be taken care by checking urls. See that new url on Magento 2.x match with older Magento 1.9 URLs . If not see that you have 301 redirects in place.

Custom Code:

If there is a custom code then work on it only when Magento 2.x is stable. Further, take this opportunity for creating new features on Magento 2.x

Overall for a expert Magento team its a 3 week long effort with testing and stabilizing the website

For More info contact: TransPacific Software Pvt. Ltd Magento Migration services on [email protected] Costing: starts from $3000 onwards

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Upgrading and Migrating Magento 1 to Magento 2
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