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Your jewelry e-commerce store has a great designs, exquisite jewelry, competitive pricing but visitors are not converting into buyers. You are baffled and dont know what to do. You are burning a lot of cash on Google ad-words campaign, still visitor conversion rate is low.. What could be the reason?

Based on my companys years of experience in designing and developing e-stores for diamond and jewelry industry here are some insights and a list of Nine and a half(9.5) questions to ask..

slow website

Is your e-store slow ?

A typical online jewelry buyer spends lot of time surfing within a jewelry site. She goes though almost all available designs and metal options. If there is “build-a-ring” feature than considerable time is spend on making combinationsof ring design with diamonds. If your website is sluggish it is an instant put-off. Frustrated with slowness, a prospective buyer will never visit your store again. Jewelry stores need to be fast with lot of ajax based features.(without page re-load).

trust cues

Get a speed audit done from various geographical locations. Use online speed testing tools like Do a user testing from third party sites like Invest in server or cloud hosting with CDN.

Speed is important.

Are enough Trust cues displayed ?

Trust cues are logos of accreditation which help to instill trust in a prospective buyer.

They may include your membership logos with various industry organizations, or security related badges which certify PCI DSS compliance.

Diamond Jewelry buyer is not an impulsive buyer. Buying jewelry online is serious shopping. As a buyer surfs through your site she verifies that the website is a credible place to do purchase.

Trust cues can be broadly divided in following categories : Industry specific, security specific and Press mentions.

Industry specific trust cues for jewelry and diamond industry include: British Jewelers’ Association ( BJA) , GIA , ASSAY Assured.

Press related links could be permalinks to press references to your company in reputed publications.

Security related cues may include third part security auditors certifying your site as safe to do business with. These may include Trustwave, Comodo ,Verisign , Geotrust etc.

Ensure that all these logos are pulled from concerned body website with link which will provide info on your company’s membership/certification details. Simply pasting the logo is out-right illegal and will be counterproductive.

If you don’t have adequate security certification hire a consultant to get these through due diligence auditing of your site.

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