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Engraving Personal Messages on Diamonds

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Diamond rings with inscriptions are quickly gaining traction among couples who take these engravings as a sign of expressing their love.

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Diamonds are forever. Being a romantic symbol for any couple, it has become an essential element of wedding and engagement rings that stuns onlookers. Apart from the monetary value that diamonds carry, their intrinsic and emotional value is beyond words. Diamond rings with inscriptions are quickly gaining traction among couples who take these engravings as a sign of expressing their love. Writing out their love on the most precious stone known to man, the diamond engraving is sure to add an appeal to any engagement ring.

People are increasingly turning towards diamond laser inscriptions and are getting their diamonds customized by inscribing romantic messages for their partners. Perfect gifts for memorable occasions, these diamonds have romantic or secret messages engraved on the gem’s girdle. Whether you want to go for engraving diamonds depends on how much personalization you seek. From initials and wedding dates to an ‘I love you’ or a Bible verse, it is your discretion to make your rings special for your soul mate.

Apart from laser inscribed personal messages, these engravings can also be certification laboratory initials and the certifications number. Such engravings can be used for diamond identification purposes when you leave your diamond with the jeweler for cleaning or repair. Moreover, when purchasing diamonds you can be sure about your purchase with a unique Diamond Grading Report number inscribed on it by the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory for instant verification.

Although diamonds are usually lifelong gifts but sometimes relationships or circumstances might not permit you to keep your diamond jewelry forever. Engraved diamond jewelry tends to have a lower resale value because of personal inscriptions. While certification number or general messages engraved on the diamond might be fine but personalized messages with names might make a resale more difficult. Potential buyers won’t be interested in buying a ‘Martin loves Sarah’ diamond ring!

Previously, engraving on diamonds was simply done by using a hand tool which was not so precise. This was followed by an engraving machine which was much faster and crisp. Today technology has advanced to introduce laser technology in engraving. Laser engraving is easier to customize and offers greater degree of detail than previous methods of engraving.

Engraving Personal Diamonds

Laser inscription on diamonds is done by a micro-laser beam on the outside perimeter of a diamond, called the girdle. Heat from the laser beam converts a few desired diamond atoms from transparent carbon crystal to opaque carbon to inscribe the message. The laser inscription is invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen under a microscope. You can check your engraved message with the help of your jewelers' 10x magnifying loupe. Although these are permanent, the engravings can be removed by a professional diamond cutter without any change in the appearance, size or weight of your diamond.

There are some online shops that offer laser inscription services on diamonds such as,, and are a few online jewelers that offer laser engraving services on diamonds.  

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Engraving Personal Messages on Diamonds
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