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"Drop A Hint" A must have feature for jewellery website

When Ariana's husband decided to gift her exquisite diamond earrings on their 10th wedding anniversary, Ariana decided to select the earring, suiting her style and taste. Ariana wanted to make sure that the earring will be of her choice. She preferred a self -selection over a surprise gift.

Arina browsed through top online jewelry websites, finalized her earrings, and clicked the "Drop a Hint" button to DM her husband her choice.

" Drop a Hint" is a sleek functionality allowing the user to share the final product with their loved ones in an elegant email. It also works as a branding feature for your store

Here is the anatomy of a "hint Card form."

a. Have a well-defined privacy statement

b. Should have a captcha to thwart misuse of the form by bot-based emailers

c. Test to check if the email is going to the spam folder.

d. You can add an assorted functionality to "subscribe to the newsletter."

e. Hint Email should be sent in a well-designed template with the product image and a direct link to the product on the website with a product image

f. Should have a call for action button like "Shop Now"

Talk to your developer to plant Google Analytics tracking code in "Drop A Hint" form and email to know how many users are using it.

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"Drop A Hint" A must have feature for jewellery website
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