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Blazing fast ReactJS based Ring Builder

One of our clients, a large jewelry retailer from Sydney Australia, has at least 3 fold increase in his sales since we got him a "ring builder" feature on his website. The only complaint he has is Can the ring builder be faster?

The customization of diamond engagement rings is in high demand. A desire for an exceptional bespoke ring-like none-other is a growing trend.
Most of the jewelry eCommerce websites developed by TransPacific Software have a ring builder feature which forms as high as 75% of the total sales.
The ring builder is a three-step process. Starting with select a setting design followed by picking up a diamonds of required price, shape and color and finally placing the order.
A typical buyer makes dozens of combinations of rings and diamonds before he finalizes a design. The buyer has to toggle between step 1 and 2 many times till he reaches the final design.
The problem: ring builder speed. It's slow. Most of the ring builders across all the jewelry websites on average take 8-10 sec to toggle between each combination of a setting and diamond. It's cumbersome and slow, resulting in abandonment.
As a global leader in jewelry, eCommerce development. TransPacific Software realized this pain point and developed "the fastest" ring builder. Toggling between step 1 -step 2- step 3 is so fast that you feel like working on your computer hard drive.
This ReactJS based ring builder can be integrated in Magento, Woocommerce and Shopify websites.

We invite you to experience the demo.

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Blazing fast ReactJS based Ring Builder
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