Case Study / E Bay API


The Natural Sapphire Company offers true beauty, rarity and value in all natural sapphires they sell. They offer sapphires that are not heated at extreme temperatures; they are not diffused or irradiated with color. They are not glass filled or oiled. That's why they are valuable & rare.

The Natural Sapphire Company is a start - to - finish destination, from the rough material at the gem mines, to the cutting wheels, to fine hand crafted jewelry.

Client Requirements:

  • Automate the process of listing and monitoring auctions.
  • Increase the revenue while keeping operating expenses at lowest.
  • Create, modify, and manage eBay auctions & product listings.
  • View information about items listed on eBay.
  • Customization of eBay store.

Project Overview:

  • Automate the process of listing and monitoring auctions
  • "The Natural Sapphire Company" wanted no manual interaction in listing all items on eBay. To help solve this problem, we used eBay API (Application Program Interface), a system that enabled automation of many listing lifecycle processes. The eBay API functionality was integrated with company's existing e-commerce systems to create a custom solution, which can operate everything from inventory management, order processing (direct online and eBay orders) to customer resource management.
  • Because the API is not dependent on the eBay user interface, it enabled to create stable, custom functionality and interfaces that best meet our client's business needs.
  • Increase the revenue while keeping operating expenses at lowest.
  • The guiding principle for successful online merchants is based on getting maximum exposure for products. "The Natural Sapphire Company" offered their unique products through eBay, the world's largest online marketplace, an unparalleled means of getting maximum exposure.
  • The key to being a successful eBay merchant is a high volume of listings - a task that is really difficult to manage manually.
  • Integration of the eBay API increased overall revenue while reducing operating expenses, improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of eBay operations in all phases of the listing lifecycle of an item.
  • Create, modify, and manage eBay Auctions & product listings.
  • eBay API integration was used to quickly retrieve large amounts of information about all products of Natural Sapphire Company on eBay, which can be automatically processed, analyzed, and presented in a report form that is used to identify income opportunities. eBay API was integrated to schedule an unlimited amount of eBay auctions and listings without incurring any eBay scheduling fees.
  • There is a multitude of additional applications and advantages of eBay API Integration and we created a modular, scalable solution designed for our client's requirements.
  • View information about items listed on eBay:
  • We provided an option to offer unique or limited quantity products simultaneously on The Natural Sapphire Company website and also on eBay with no risk of overselling.
  • We hosted Natural Sapphire Company's eBay listing images on a separate server. A centralized image collection was maintained for products listed on eBay and also on company website. Listings were enhanced with interactive image galleries and slideshows.
  • Customization of eBay store:
  • For The Natural Sapphire Company, as a dedicated seller, creating a professional-looking online store was really vital for success. Buyers easily get an impression of any business within moments of entering eBay store.
  • The Natural Sapphire Company's, eBay store includes powerful, easy-to-use tools for creating and designing the appearance and content of store. It creates a shopping environment that captures company's personality and gives instant credibility with buyers.
  • We created an [email protected] email address on PayPal from where all transactions went through to receive online payments. Option to create new title for eBay item (other than default) & auto renewal option (after 30 day period) were also included.