Jewelry Design eCommerce The Teespring Model

Jewelry Design eCommerce  The Teespring Model

How TransPacific created Teespring model a for a jewelry e-commerce retailer ?

First let us understand what is Teespring model. 

TeeSpring is  popular e-commerce platform for individual T-shirt designers. This is how it works: Suppose you are a creative T-shirt designer . You register on Teespring . Using onsite Teespring graphic tools create T-shirt designs. Then create your campaigns through social channels to market your T-shirt designs ;In exchange, Teespring will fulfill orders on campaigns that have reached their sales goal (called “tipped” campaigns), and will ship item(s) to buyers. When a campaign ends, both Teespring and the campaign creator collect a portion of the profit.

The core proposition here to allow individual creative designers to create their designs and get assured number of buyers. Once they have certain number of buyers Teesprings takes care of all Manufacturing and logistics.

The TeeSpring model for custom jewelry design

One of the leading US based jewelry manufacturer approached transpacific to emulate this business model for custom jewelry designs.

The complex part was to allow user to create their own charm or pendant ; pair it with a chain and allow them to put embossing text. 

Apart from online  intuitive design a pricing module was to be calculated which required adding multiple factors including metal costs , design costs , 3D cad model cost and so on..

TeeSpring social ecommerce model could be a great boon in Jewelry sector too where in individual designers can tie up with manufacturers for custom made jewelry designs.

The jewelry may be low cost imitation jewelry produced in bulk with custom text engraving.  

We are able to share only limited information as we are under Non Disclosure Agreement but  Do contact TransPacific Software if you wish to create  your own TeeSpring Model for Jewelry Industry.