OSCommerce the fastest vanishing eCommerce cart

OSCommerce the fastest vanishing eCommerce cart

Why osCommerce is losing popularity so drastically ?

  A quick look at Google trend map shows ; Once  the most popular eCommerce platform "osCommerce"  is biting the dust.

What could be the reason?

osCommerce was always a defective platform. Security was never given any importance by original developers.  Websites got often hacked and defaced. Its archaic MVC pattern was ever upgraded. To add to few more snags of osCommerce:

  • There is no facility to password protect admin area.
  • The development of osCommerce has been  non existent  lately.
  • All extensions must be added manually -
  • Not actively updated anymore.

osCommerce was a popular platform back in 2000 because there was no other open source e-commerce platform in the market. After some time other platforms appeared either from some CMS (virtuemart etc) or other platforms built inspired by osCommerce (zencart).  Also x-cart (commercial, low price) started to be widely used.

In 2007 Varien announced Magento and in 2008 the first version that was ready to use in production (1.3) was available in the market.  It took the e-commerce platforms to the next level.

Prestashop also gained popularity in Europe and because it's much easier to customize than Magento (which requires quite some experience even for basic theming).

osCommerce decline is caused by the fact that the platform was not improved to keep up with the technology.

Now, it has a new version, osCommerce (code on github), but there are still a number of issues, lacks features in order to be able to compete with Magento/prestashop and other open source platforms  like Opencart.  It doesn't seem to attract developers either due to its fast declining usage. So it looks like end of the road for osCommerce.

Two most suitable platforms for osCommerce migration are Magento and OpenCart.

There are few off-the-shelf tools available for quick database migrations from osCommerce to magento but as per our experience these hardly work.

The solution is : go for customized manual migration solutions.