Opencart Nulled Extensions: 6 Reasons You Should Not Use them!

Opencart Nulled Extensions: 6 Reasons You Should Not Use them!

“Opencart nulled” or “Opencart  extensions nulled” is a breakout search string (as per Google Trends) . Increasing number of developers keep searching the net for Nulled extensions. On other hand many spurious web sites hosting pirated/ nulled scripts have mushroomed.  

What is a Nulled Script?

It's a pirated script. 'nullified' usually means that any security measures the software developers put into it have been removed. For example, copy right info, license codes etc. In Opencart case the nulled opencart scripts (extensions or plugins) are original scripts put up for free download through unauthorized channels.

Deploying a nulled or pirated script can have negative consequences on your development efforts:

1) Malicious script embedding

The nulled or pirated scripts available on a shady website may have malicious scripts embed; especially within its JS or vQmod files and can steal sensitive info from host eCommerce site. Few such nulled extensions downloaded by us for checking even contained base64 encoded strings as well as obfuscated code. You never know what it contains.

If you are a developer you certainly don’t want to put your client’s e-commerce business at risk

2) No Support for nulled scripts.

OpenCart Extensions purchased through authorized channels will have support from their creators. Support is absolutely essential during installation, it may also require minor tweaking of code to suite your theme. Sometimes an already installed extension may interfere with new extension or it may not work with the Opencart version you have. Such issues can be addressed by support provided by developer of the extension. Nulled script have no support system. At TransPacific we provide complete installation free of cost for extensions developed by us.

3) You are damaging the Opencart ecosystem

Opencart is open source & free. Its primary earning is through sale of extensions in arrangement with extension creators. By using nulled scripts you are damaging the very fabric of opencart free ecosystem. Further it is extremely painful for a developer to see his copy- righted work circulated free. A big dis-incentive for creating more extensions.

4) OpenCart extensions are low priced

Most of the Opencart extensions are available for less than $99. And majorly of them are less than $50. That is a very reasonable cost.

5) You could be a target for DMCA or copy-right  infringement actions.

If your (or your client’s server) is in USA there is probability that original extension developer may slap DMCA take down notice. If Hosting provider finds the code on the server he may immediately take down the website and ban your account.

TransPacific has two popular extensions Google Rich Snippet and Pinterest Rich Pin Snippet. On finding pirated versions of these on some website we have successfully invoked DMCA. DMCA can be quickly issues by aggrieved party without attorney at almost no cost. In European countries (if your server is based in Europe) similar Copy Right laws are enacted.

The last One

6) Its outright unethical, illegal and unscrupulous to use nulled scripts.


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