OpenCart Extension: Load Jquery from Google CDN

OpenCart Extension: Load Jquery from Google CDN

E-commerce web-site speed is one of the most important criterion to enhance user experience . Every bit of effort to improve site speed counts.

Here is a simple plugin available free for OpenCart which will modify the paths of  hosted Jquery ; to pull it from Google’s hosted Javascript libraries.  It will serve jQuery to your users directly from Google’s network of  datacenters.  


What are the advantages of using this plugin?

  • Speed through Google’s CDN infrastructure

As your Jquery will be hosted on Google’s Content Delivery network ; download time will be reduced. Your users in Europe will hit the Google’s hosted library servers in USA and your users in the Europe should hit the Europe CDN.

  • Speed through caching

if they have visited another website that references the same jQuery library then jQuery library is already cached in the visitor's browser. In this case, the visitor won't even have to download the jQuery library.  


What if the Google’ Hosted Library is down?  

Google’s CDN down the rarest of the rare possibility still suppose if your user can't access the CDN for some reason.. The Plugin has a fail-safe system. It will download the library from your server.

To What Extent it improves the speed

Here are some analysis from our in-house experiment.

We installed a default Opencart on our server…and tested on

There is considerable speed enhancement when Jquery is switched to Google CDN.        


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