Is there anything like OpenCart Hosting?

Is there anything like OpenCart Hosting?

As a leading ecommerce developers on OpenCart platform; we are been frequently asked Which is the best hosting service for Opencart ?

Riding on the popularity of OpenCart many webhosting companies have started advertising as “opencart hosting” or “opencart optimized servers” or  “reliable open cart hosting”  and so on.  


So what is Open cart enabled hosting?

Simple answer: there is nothing like OpenCart enabled hosting.  All the ad noise is advertisement gimmicky; in over competitive hosting market.

OpenCart is Open source php based framework for ecommerce store. It requires a regular hosting account  on windows/Linux server with php and mysql. That’s it.

PHP and MySQL  are  available with almost all hosting providers.

So if you wish to host your OpenCart ecommerce shop select the hosting provider based on its uptime, pricing and customer support.  Ignore all the noise about Opencart enabled or opencart hosting etc.

Some so called “Opencart enabled hosting “ guys may offer pre-installed Opencart.  The same can be done in 15-20 min by uploading the free OpenCart version. Pre-installed OpenCart has no value addition as such.

If you are a small or mid size company; start with a shared hosting account on Linux  server + cpanel. Shared accounts are cost-effective to start with. Most of them have php5.3 + and MySQL available.

Opt for Cpanel or any similar control panel. This will save you hassles in account management.

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