“All File Types Extension” for OpenCart: Upload any file format through Image Manager

What If you would like to upload product specifications in .doc , instead of a product Image in Opencart. The Image manager won’t allow it.

Let’s say if you wish to upload pdf document  and place it for user download along with product Images ; you won’t be able to do it. Image Manager allows only common image formats like png and jpeg.

What if you wish to upload product video in newer web  or  MP4 format; Not possible through Image Manager.

Try uploading and It will throw up “Invalid File Type” Error.


“All File Types” Extension allow you to upload any file format on Image Manager.

No More “ Invalid file format”  errors.

The Extension is available on OpenCart  Extensions for $45

Or you may contact us for free installation on connect@transpacific.in


Pre-requisite:  Need to have vQmod installed

Step -1:

Install “All File Types” Extension

Step 2 :


Add new file type extension (eg. .pdf , .doc  etc) with an icon representing the file.

Add correct MIME type (If available in pre-populated list; enable it)

Save the setting

Step 3 :

You may try uploading the file through Image Manger.

 Full installation free of cost and support available. Please contact connect@transpacific.in