5 OpenCart Extensions from TransPacific to put your Opencart shop on Steroids

5  OpenCart Extensions from TransPacific to put your Opencart shop on Steroids

1. Prism-Analytics for Opencart

Details : Ecommerce Analytics installed on your Opencart shop

A better alternative to Google Analytics. Pulls out host of e-commerce analytics /data information from your OpenCart shop.

Cost: $ 199

Download and More Info : http://www.transpacific-software.com/opencart_analytics.html

Contact on [email protected] for installation.  

2.GR Rich Snippet Extension for Google

better search engine conversion 





Details: Will display additional info with your search results e.g. Reviews, star rating, cost. With additional info displayed ; it is expected to improve search engine visibility, CTR, ranking and conversions.

Cost: $45

Download and More Info : http://www.transpacific-software.com/opencart-ecommerce-extension.html

3.Pinterest Rich Pin Plugin Extension

Details : Embeds additional info within Images Pined from your OpenCart shop on to Pinterest boards. Additional info such as cost , availability , reviews is expected to increase conversions from Pinterest

Cost: $45

Download and More info : http://www.transpacific-software.com/pinterest_rich_pin_extension.html  

4.Pull Jquery from Google CDN








Details : Speed up your website by pulling Jquery from Google CDN

Cost: Free

Download and More Info :http://extensions.transpacific-software.com/extensions/Load_Jquery_from_...  


Details : Allow your customers save shopping cart for later purchase!

A must have extension for e-stores selling high value items wherein user prefers to save cart for later purchase. 

Cost: $30

Download and More Info : http://extensions.transpacific-software.com/extensions/opencart-extensio...