Advanced Search Engine Optimization Services

Google for "Semantic tags Powered by TransPacific Software" you would see hundreds of thousands of pages; all using TransPacific's advanced semantic tagging tools for e-commerce shops.

TransPacific's cutting edge tools have made e-commerce shops more noticeable on the web.

Have you noticed Google search results carrying extra info-bits like an author photograph, Reviews, breadcrumbs, star ratings. These extra nuggets make the result stand out and increase Click Through Rate.

How do you get photograph, Reviews, breadcrumbs, star ratings in search results?

By adding structured mark and semantic tags within your web pages (techies call them RDF/ Micro Data/ Rich snippets) TransPacific Software is working and researching semantic web for last two years. Its latest innovative extension "GR Rich Snippet" developed for OpenCart shops has tagged hundreds of e-commerce shops with Rich structure data.

Extension Development

When rich data markup is added to web pages, It gives your products and services enhanced semantic meaning that will make your offers, ratings and cost visible as separate info within search result.

However, very few retailers know what structured markup is, and this puts them at a significant disadvantage. Why? Because, without structured markup on content, they'll be left behind in not-too-distant future.

I want semantic markup ,Rich data within my web-site where should I start?

Incorporating semantic markup is not easy. It requires strict adherence the Google / Bing's anti-spam guidelines with strict adherence to and Goodrelations Vocabulary. You need to take help of a qualified developer or use specialized extensions for the same.

TransPacific at the helm of semantic web research and Search Engine Optimization

TransPacific software provides a comprehensive SEO services for ecommerce and e-retailers.

Our advance services cover

  • Search Engine Optimization (on-page).
  • Social Media.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Semantic web Rich snippet Integration.
  • Code extensions for retrieving abandoned carts.
  • SEO for local traffic optimization.
  • Web-site auditing for search engine tune up.
  • Reputation Management.
  • No Cookie Cutter approach to SEO. We work with each of our client on case to case basis.
  • No run of the mill techniques, no reckless link spamming.
  • We strongly believe Search Engine Optimization is a double edged sword. If you don't do it right you may be hurting your website.

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