OpenCart Extension for Rich Snippet released by TransPacific Software for better search Engine Optimization


If your e-commerce shop is built on Opencart ecommerce Framework; you could install these free extension for better search Engine optimization (SEO) and increased click through rates (CTR) .

The extension inserts micro-data adhering to Google recommended GoodRelations e-commerce vocabulary.

Extensions are available on:


TransPacific Software : a leader in ecommerce Technologies is firm believer in semantic web and its applications in search technologies. Google has already adopted RDF, GoodRelations  and Microdata formats in a big way and Bing, Yahoo followed suit.


Screenshots from Plugin installation



On plugging in GR rich snippets you could test pages on Google’s Rich snippet testing tool to view structure data embedded


For installing GR rich Snippet on custom OpenCart themes our free support is available on

25. January 2013 by Prashant Telang
Categories: E-commerce, Technology | 2 comments

  • Traderz

    Hi i tested this on my site and it actually doesnt work at all. OC and latest vqmod. Guess thats the game with modules, some you win some you just dont win. Unfortunately this is one module i would have loved.

    • Prashant Telang

      Hi TraderZ

      It very much works on OC could you provide us your site URL so we could test please e-mail to